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Why the Window Film Association exists

The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) is comprised of window film suppliers and applicators.

We’re dedicated to improving the standard of product and installation of window film, and connecting you with the country’s best applicators. We set out performance guidelines for our members, and we are a reliable voice for the window film industry at all regulatory levels.

For assurance of quality, always choose a WFAANZ member.

We are dedicated to:

  • growing the window film industry
  • representing  and protecting the interests of the window film industry on all levels

What WFAANZ does for Members

  • Promotes the window film industry and the benefits of window film to consumers, commercial businesses, the building industry and government through active marketing campaigns.
  • Represents you on glazing industry committees without which our industry would be left behind.
  • A recognised body defending the industry and working to influence government legislation to protect the interests of your industry.
  • Brings the industry together so members have access to all available industry experts and their knowledge.
  • Creates cohesion between distributors and a confidential forum for constructive discussion and agreement.
  • Installers have access to information about future trends and are informed of developments in the industry.
  • Provides a website for consumers, builders, architects to access unbiased information on window film.

Reasons to join WFAANZ

  • Have a say in the direction the industry is headed
  • Support your window film industry
  • Demonstrate to potential staff and suppliers that you are a credible and reputable business
  • Provide a major point of difference over competitors who are not members
  • Help create a strong reputation for the industry by adhering to the Association’s Code of Practice. Eradicate poor workmanship
  • Membership fees are tax deductible
  • Receive marketing assistance
  • Access training and information
  • Networking and information sharing opportunities at committee meetings and forums
  • Flat glass and automotive brochures
  • A window film DVD is available, recommending end users and the trade to only use WFAANZ members.
  • Newsletter sent to members and a wider audience enables you direct communication with the entire industry.
  • Promote membership by using WFAANZ logo on all your materials which will reinforce your credibility.

Become a Registered Master Tinter

Registered Master Tinter - Acc by The Window Film Association of New Zealand

All WFAANZ members are entitled to sit either the flat glass or auto (or both) examinations.

Reasons to become an rmt

  • WFAANZ actively promotes rmt in all its marketing materials and website
  • rmt provides credibility to your business.  Certificate can be displayed in your business for customers to see and you can use the rmt logo in your business materials.
  • rmt is an ideal way to make sure that you and your staff are trained to a similar, high level of competency.
  • rmt helps to create standardisation across our industry which in turn leads to public peace of mind.

To become a registered master tinter contact the WFAANZ office for details.

Membership Fees

WFAANZ is a not for profit organisation and every cent of your membership fee goes back into member services.

Membership fees for the year ending 30 June 2020 are:

Tinter Membership fees

$299.40 incl. GST per annum
Initial one-off $59.80 application fee

Associate Membership fees

$575.00 incl. GST per annum
Initial one-off $59.80 application fee

Download a Membership Application Form

Download the Code of Ethics


The New Zealand Building Act 2004 does not provide for product warranties. However the Department of Building and Housing Codewords article from July 2007 explains the difference between the Building Code durability requirements and two different types of warranties for building work – product warranties and implied warranties.

For more information visit www.dbh.govt.nz

The Department of Building and Housing states that “In the example of retrofit window film, warranty requirements are on a case by case basis, but generally, if the film forms part of the main component, then it must be able to last for the same durability time left of that component to meet compliance with the building code.”

WFAANZ window film manufacturers offer a minimum ten year warranty on all residential films, and some even offer a lifetime warranty on residential solar films. Manufacturer warranties are less for external applications, from three to seven years.

Consult the manufacturer directly if you require specific warranty information on a particular window film product.