The Waikato Institute of Technology situated in Tristram Street, Hamilton has a wide range of practical courses including sport, horticulture, construction, hair and beauty and visual arts. With thousands of students attending Wintec most of them are having to pass by this busy walk and stairway which was leading to over-heating and student complaints. Wintec needed a cost-effective solution without losing too much light. The contractor suggested Tint Tech for the job.

Thank Goodness for Cherry Pickers!

It took Steve three very full days to complete this with the help of a Cherry Picker which was able to lift him 7-12 metres up. It was particularly helpful in this situation as the walk and stairway were in the way and the cherry picker was able to move him wherever he needed to go. I asked Steve if he owned a Cherry Picker but he said ‘no’, he hires out the equipment that he needs as required.

Steve used MEP’s N1050 for the vertical panes and NTM35 for the roof.