Bay Window Tinting – Tauranga

//Bay Window Tinting – Tauranga

Bay Window Tinting – Tauranga

PROJECT: Bayfair Westfield Shopping Centre

OBJECTIVE:  Reduce heat and glare from glass roof

The week before Xmas, which is also one of the busiest times for Shopping Centres, Bayfair Management requested we install MEP V14 film to 13 of their West Facing windows which receive a huge amount of heat and glare, mainly due to the windows being one side of the apex of a glass roof.

These windows are 2.8 m drop and are 10 metres up from the Shop floor, so nearly 13 metres to top.  Because of the close proximity to the Ocean and strong winds blowing salt spray, installing exterior film was not an option, even though we had easier access.  The glass was single glaze, toughened safety glass.

Below the windows is a Shop called ‘The Sweet Station’ which has a huge range of lollies and chocolates lined up in a “pick and mix” style bins, and the heat from the glass roof, melts the chocolate and affects the sweets.  The windows directly above them were the priority.

We had to install the MEP V14 Film whilst no-one was in the Centre, but also needed daylight visibility, so over a weekend before they opened at 8.30 am, Warren and I got there at 5.00 am.  We accessed the windows using an Electrical Scissor lift from Highersafe Solutions.

Bayfair Shopping Centre and The Sweet Station are very pleased with the results, and have certainly been well tested with the last couple of very hot months in Tauranga.  There are a total of 33 windows along the roof line, and in the future Bayfair will look at having us tint the additional 20 panes.

Lynda Bell

Bay Window Tinting