Another happy customer for Glassways

//Another happy customer for Glassways

Another happy customer for Glassways

Telecom Exchange Buildings


Glassways were approached by a Telecom contractor to help them protect millions of dollars worth of equipment inside their exchange buildings which were at risk because they were generating too much heat.

These buildings were built in the 1940’s and 50’s before insulation was widely used in New Zealand. Because Telecom have massive units of power and heat generating from the inside of these buildings they installed air conditioning units to deal with this but the units could not cope with the volume of heat.


An external film was the only option due to the type of equipment that was inside. It needed to be as dark as possible, exterior reflective film.

After a process of elimination the RK20 proved to be the most suitable. Glassways worked with 3mm clear float glass and found the most reflective film to eliminate any thermal stress issues too.

Approximately 700 m2 of RK 20 exterior silver film was applied to multiple exchanges around Auckland.

Glassways found the process of working with telecom very lengthy and involved with lots of inductions and safety courses. Even the scaffolders who subcontracted had to be inducted.

Time restraints were put in place and because the job was completed in the winter months weather played a big part in the whole process. Glassways had to be super careful not to break the thin glass due to the nature of what was on the inside, if anything got wet it would not have gone down very well with Telecom.



Glassways managed to successfully reduce the heat by 50% saving Telecom thousands of dollars.